June 26-July 14

Let's build something fun this summer.

Make this a great summer with interesting online workshops and speakers, and real-life mentoring to help you build an ambitious project.

Work with students across the world to build something fun.

Nothing to do this summer? We'll match you up with a mentor and help you build a game or app over three weeks. All students are welcome, even if you just started coding. You can work alone or with a group.

It's semi-virtual, so you can participate no matter where you live. We'll try to match you with a local mentor, but most events are online.

What Happens During CodeBreak

  • Build Something Awesome Like CodeDay, the core of CodeBreak is about bringing your ideas to life.
  • Mentorship You'll be matched with your own mentor to help you complete your project, and to learn more about working in technology. Where possible, you will be matched with a local mentor, and have an opportunity to visit their office.
  • Real-Time Coding Help Get live coding help from our staff and volunteers whenever you need it through a 24/7 chat and virtual office hours.
  • Tech Talks Join us for online workshops where we dive deep into modern technologies.
  • Speakers Learn from industry veterans in live-streamed interviews.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kickoff and Mentor Meetings Mentor Meetings Tech Talk Speaker
Mentor Meetings Mentor Meetings Tech Talk Speaker Prototype Day
Mentor Meetings Mentor Meetings Tech Talk Speaker Demo Day


  • What do I do day-to-day?
    Most of your time should be spent working on your project.
  • What if I don't have an idea?
    We'll help you come up with an idea before CodeBreak starts!
  • How does this compare to other summer programs?
    This isn't a replacement for a full summer program, and you can easily participate on top of something else. We recommend you look into full summer programs too.
  • If this is virtual, where do I go to work?
    Anywhere! We recommend you pick a dedicated work area (such as a specific desk, or a coffee shop) so you're less likely to get distracted.
  • What if I'm busy some days?
    We recommend you commit to participating at least 15 of the 19 days.
  • What if I live in a small town?
    We'll match you with a mentor over Skype. Other events are already online.
  • Why does this cost $5?
    Coordinating workshops and mentors costs money, and we want to do it well.
  • Do I need a team?
    Most people work by themselves, although you can work with a team if you want. In case you want a team, but don't have one, we'll send out a list of projects before CodeBreak starts.